The Infographic Assignment

The Assignment Sheet

Visualizing Sources: The Infographic Portfolio – 20 points

Infographic Purpose

The purpose of this infographic is to visually represent the various points of view in a research topic of your own choosing. In assignment one, you focused on a close, rhetorical reading of a particular text to summarize an argument for a particular audience, in this infographic, you will present the various points of view in a particular conversation using an infographic. In a sense, you will tell a story about your research topic using a variety of modes, including—but not limited to—words, image, color, and number.


This infographic should be geared to a non-specialized audience. As the researcher, your job is to compile data related to your research topic and to then present that data to a general audience.

Key Terms

visual rhetoric, design, data visualization, multimodal, non-discursive

Assignment Form

For this project, you will turn in a portfolio consisting of the following:

  1. A first draft/mock-up of your proposed infographic, which will be drawn by hand. If your final portfolio is submitted digitally, you will need to scan or take an image of your first draft;
  2. The final, digital version of your infographic, which may be designed using an infographic maker such as PiktoChart or using your own custom design;
  3. A 500-word Statement of Goals and Purposes. This short reflection should explain the purpose of your infographic and the specific rhetorical strategies you used to design it. For example, if you used a pie chart in your infographic to visualize data from a source, you should explain how and why you made that decision and how it supports the purpose of your infographic overall.

Assignment Weight

The infographic project will count as 20 points of your grade for this course. The Statement of Goals and Purposes will count for no more than 5 points of the total grade for this project, as the majority of the evaluative weight will be placed on the infographic itself.