Required Syllabus Content

The following policies should appear (in some form) on every 110 syllabus. For administrative policies, go here; for student support resources, go here

Extra Writing Help

The Writing Center offers a range of online services for students. These include

  1. Live online video appointments to meet with an Undergraduate Writing Center Tutor,Graduate Writing Tutor, or Oral Communication Consultant;
  2. Asynchronous written feedback from an Undergraduate Writing Tutor or Graduate Writing Tutor;
  3. A workshop series for Graduate Writers and for Undergraduate Writers

Classroom/Zoom Etiquette

I believe that the best learning conversations feature energy, candor, and curiosity balanced by respect and generosity. I am committed to striving for those ideals in all our discussion spaces—including online forums.  Please keep in mind that we come to the class conversation from different walks of life and with different personal experiences. Whatever our values, commitments, or stories might be, I trust that that diversity will prove to be an asset as we explore these topics together. If at any point you feel concerned about or uncomfortable with a dynamic in our conversation, I encourage you to reach out to me to share your observations. If at any point I feel uncomfortable or concerned, I will address the situation directly.

Class & Community Health and Safety Requirements

Although circumstances are changing and improving in many areas, we are still in a pandemic, and we each have a role to play in helping to minimize or avoid risk of illness. The health and safety of our classroom community is important to me, and I hope it is important to you as well. To protect ourselves and one another, we will abide by university policies regarding mask wearing and social distancing, even if those policies change at some point during the semester.

  • Masking & Distancing Policies: Given the high transmissibility of the Omicron coronavirus variant, UD requires a well-fitted mask worn properly, with specific recommendation of a surgical mask or KN95 mask in accordance with mask instructions. Mask-wearing is mandatory for everyone in indoor spaces, including laboratories and classrooms. Effective immediately (1/6/22) and until further notice, masks must be worn by any individual speaking from a podium in classroom settings, a significant change over our prior classroom masking requirement. In residence halls, mask-wearing is mandatory in all spaces except individual rooms. Outdoors, all individuals, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, should wear a mask OR maintain physical distancing of at least 3 feet from others.
  • Compliance:All UD employees and students are expected to comply with the UD COVID-19 guidelines. Failure to comply may result in corrective action. Employees with concerns about compliance with these guidelines should consult with Human Resources. Students with concerns about compliance with these guidelines should consult the Office of Student Conduct or the Office of the Dean of Students.  UD is a supportive campus community that advocates for each individual’s voice to be heard. Every member of the community is accountable for themselves and others. UD endorses a “see something, say something” mindset to ensure health and safety as we return to campus. Individuals may use the UD Compliance Hotline for anonymous reporting of non-compliance with any aspects of these guidelines. As an alternative to the UD Compliance Hotline, individuals can also send an anonymous tip using the LiveSafe App to report non-compliance with these guidelines.
  • Additional Support: It is important to remember that the physical health of our community is equally connected to the social and mental health of our community. UD offers a number of resources for students should you need someone to talk to at this unsettling time. Here is a link to connect you with those services: In addition, if you feel you have been discriminated against, please contact UD’s Office of Equity & Inclusion at
  • Updated information about pandemic-related policies may be found here on the University of Delaware website:

Accessibility & Student Learning

Your success in this class is important to me. If there are circumstances that may affect your performance in this class, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can work together to develop strategies for adapting assignments to meet both your needs and the requirements of the course.

In order to receive official university accommodations, you will need to register and request accommodations through the Office of Disability Support Services, which is located in Allison Hall Suite 130. Their website is  and you can contact them via email at or via phone at 302-831-4643.

Academic Integrity

Any work that you submit at any stage of the writing process—draft, thesis and outline, bibliography, etc., through final version—must be your own; in addition, any words, ideas, or data that you borrow from other people and include in your work must be properly documented. Failure to do either of these things is plagiarism. The University of Delaware protects the rights of all students by insisting that individual students act with integrity. Accordingly, the University severely penalizes plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty.

Verified cheating of any sort (i.e., copying another student’s work, collaborating on  assignments when such collaboration is prohibited, using an online paper-writing service,  “lifting” information or phrasing from another source without proper citation, or any other form of academic dishonesty—popular or unique, clumsy or ingenious) will be reported, and penalties can include a grade of -0- for the assignment. More than one verified incident of  academic dishonesty will result in failing grade for the course. No matter who you are or how you do it, if you plagiarize or cheat, you will fail the paper, test, or project, and I will report you to the Office of Student Conduct. I take cheating very seriously.

If you are not sure if something constitutes academic dishonesty, err on the side of extreme caution: cite often, use quotation marks, & do your best to distinguish between your words and ideas and those of another author.

You never ever have to cheat. If you feel pressured/desperate/overwhelmed or otherwise out of sorts and cannot complete an assignment for this class on time and well, please contact me.

Course Feedback

You are expected to complete the online student feedback form for this course. This form will be available during the last two weeks of the semester via Apart from being an expectation of the course, your feedback provides valuable information to the Composition Program and to the English Department.

Please note that constructive feedback is welcome at any point in the course, so if you have a concern or suggestion that you would like me to consider, please feel free to share that with me.

Sexual Misconduct & Title IX

If, at any time during this course, I happen to be made aware that a student may have been the victim of sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, or stalking—online or in person), I am obligated by federal law to inform the university’s Title IX Coordinator. The university needs to know information about such incidents to, not only offer resources, but to ensure a safe campus environment. The Title IX Coordinator will decide if the incident should be examined further. If such a situation is disclosed to me in class, in a paper assignment, or in office hours, I promise to protect your privacy–I will not disclose the incident to anyone but the Title IX Coordinator.

For more information on Sexual Misconduct policies, where to get help, and details on reporting information, please refer to At UD, we provide 24 hour crisis assistance and victim advocacy and counseling. To contact the UD Helpline 24/7/365, call: 302-831-1001.

Counseling and support

Sometimes getting through the day is tough, especially as the pandemic is not quite behind us. Please know that UD has people to support you. There is UD’s Center for Counseling and Student Development at 302-831-2141 or the UD Helpline, which is available at any time, day or night, for students feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed or otherwise in need of counseling. Students can call 302-831-1001 to get live counseling assistance 24/7.

Other Campus Resources

Your success in this class is important to me. We will all need accommodations on the path to success because we all learn differently. The UD and Newark community offers a range of assistance to new and returning students that focus on many aspects of life. Resources range from health and wellness, counseling, study tips, and career guidance. In this class, you should always feel supported. If you need any assistance finding any resources, I am happy to help you!