Assistant Director of Composition GTA

The Assistant Director of Composition is a position reserved for graduate students with a strong interest in the field of rhetoric and composition. Their charge is to assist the Director and Associate Director of Composition with mentoring new teachers of E110 and other program activities. The Assistant Director teaches one section of E110 in the fall and one section in the spring. They are appointed for a one-year, non-renewable term by the Director of Composition, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies.

The position is an opportunity to gain experience in writing program administration and gives insight into the larger challenges of academic program management.

While specific duties may change from year to year, they typically include:

  • Assisting with the mentoring of graduate student TAs in their first year of teaching English 110; holding bi-weekly meetings with new graduate student teachers
  • Observing new writing instructors
  • Assisting with programmatic research and assessment activities
  • Working as an editor of the Arak Journal
  • Assisting with publicity and program meetings
  • Shadowing Spring ENGL688
  • Administering the program blog, One Hundred Ten.
  • Helping with the clerical organization of transfer petitions
  • Managing social media presence of First-Year Writing Program
  • Developing new programs to improve teacher development