Honors E110

Please consider proposing an Honors section of English 110 for an upcoming semester. Besides being fun to develop and teach, these classes are excellent additions to your CV and teaching portfolio.

The Course
While your course should work toward the goals and outcomes for English 110, Honors sections of ENGL110 are centered on a theme or topic that is reflected in its readings and writing assignments. Descriptions of past Honors sections are posted on the University Honors Program Web Site.

Who May Propose?
Graduate TAs, part-time faculty, and full-time faculty who have taught ENGL110 at the University of Delaware for two semesters or more and have had an 80% response rate on their most recent 110 student evaluations may propose an Honors section of ENGL110.

Proposal Writing Workshop
We often offer a Honors ENGL110 writing workshop. If you have ideas or any interest in teaching an honors section, please join us. Time and place, TBA.

To Propose a Course
Describe your course in a paragraph of about 300 words. Imagine yourself as addressing intelligent and enthusiastic new students at the University of Delaware who are selecting their first college-level writing course. Think of a title for your section that will draw their interest. Offer in your course description a sense of the work students will do over the course of a semester—including the main units of the class, course readings, and writing assignments. We seek to create a rich and varied list of courses that are academically rigorous and engage the interests of beginning undergraduates.

We will evaluate proposals based on the appeal of the course to first-year Honors students, intellectual rigor, adherence to the goals of ENGL110, history of successful teaching, and Honors Program needs. We encourage new proposals and fresh ideas.

Please title your proposal Lastname Honors E110 and send it in .doc or .docx form in an email attachment to Christine Cucciarre at ccucc@udel.edu.

The next deadline for proposals is TBA.


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