Library Instruction

UD librarians are eager to collaborate with you to promote information literacy among our students. Librarians are available to instruct students in the best strategies for locating, evaluating, and using information resources effectively and ethically.

Library instruction sessions give students an overview of resources in particular subject areas, present strategies for searching the library’s databases, and guide students in evaluating the resources they discover. When you request an instructional session, a librarian will collaborate with you to provide a session tailored to your class goals and assignments.

Library instruction is more effective when it is connected to a concrete assignment or research task. When requesting a session, please include information about the assignment and the applicable research tasks. This will help the librarians provide relevant, course-connected instruction for your students. You will receive a confirmation when your session has been scheduled.

Instructors must accompany their class to Library Instruction Sessions or any other special instruction days.

To set up a Library Instruction Session, either fill out the online form ( or contact Lauren Wallis at or (302) 831-4072.

If you cannot spare the class time for a library instruction session, please explore the Tutorial for English 110, available at: This tutorial is tailored to support the English 110 curriculum, and addresses the same student learning outcomes that form the basis of the Library’s in-class instruction.

Librarians can best assist you if you allow at least one week’s time for arrangements and preparation. Scheduling is subject to availability of the room and the librarian who will teach your class.


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