Invitations for Contributions

We’re really getting into the swing of the semester now, and I’d love to direct your attention back to the program website-something we talked about at the faculty retreat.

There have been some changes/deletions/additions to the page. Just about all the information is now updated and accurate to-date, there are student resources listed, and the professional development page now connects to several other programs on campus (Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning, Center for the Study of Diversity, and more).

I have also incorporated the program twitter, @UDwrites, into the page. If you’re on twitter, consider following it – small updates and reminders about calendar events as well as links to interesting work will happen there frequently. I’ll also post announcements there when new posts are added here.

The biggest change is en-route. While there are already posts about the retreat material on the website, there haven’t yet been new posts. That’s about to change. This week, there are three great presentations I think we’d all benefit from. David Kim and Jesse Erickson will be presenting at EFGF on Wednesday, 9/28 and Emily Davis at a Center for the Study of Diversity Brown Bag on Thursday, 9/29. David and Jesse will each write a post for the website talking about their work; Emily’s work will also be represented on the blog.

We’re moving into a schedule of at least one substantive blog post per week. I’d love to showcase more work here. There’s a huge range of possibilities for what shape that work might take: a short reflective post on a teaching experience, thoughts on a resource you use, a video describing how you connect your practices to your philosophy, an analysis of an important teaching/reading/writing resource. Far too many that I could list here but would be great to host. Please get in touch with me through email,, or through the Comp program twitter, or in a comment on the blog with some thoughts you’d like to share.


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